Dägr Group is a transatlantic initiative based in Washington, DC and  London, UK

Dägr Group is a collaboration, a project repository, and most importantly a collection of ideas that we hope come to fruition. Dägr Group is currently a side venture that is complemented by our full-time occupations, which allows us to engage with fellow professionals in the industry and expand our knowledge in a wide variety of topics and issues.



Will DuVal

Will is an open-source intelligence analyst with a defense-focused event detection company and a US Army Reserve Military Intelligence Officer. Will has an MA in Geopolitics, Territory and Security from King's College London and has military experience in Information Operations and Intelligence. Will has worked with other US government agencies such as the Department of Defense Public Affairs and the Department of State along with NGOs such as the Truman National Security Project and the Aspen Institute. His passion for transatlantic security began with an internship at NATO and continues to steer his career and studies. Will is a Frivärld and Forum280 Summit.Ahead Fellow.

Maisel Headshot.png

Adam Maisel

Adam is a US Army Military Intelligence Officer with an MA in National Security Studies from King's College London. Adam has served multiple deployments to Afghanistan as a Lethal and Non-Lethal Targeting Officer and Intelligence Adviser, working extensively with NATO and host nation forces. He has also supported the development of intelligence collection architecture for the British Army, Lebanese Armed Forces and Mexican Federal Police. Prior to his military service, Adam was a lobbyist for the National Guard Association of the United States and Staff Assistant to Senator Charles E. Schumer.






Project for the Study of the 21st Century

The Project for the Study of the 21st Century is a new global think tank for a new global era. A unique collection of people, broad in background, and eclectic in outlook. Focused on finding new ways of telling stories and exploring issues. Non-national, non-partisan, non-ideological.

Young Professionals in Foreign Policy - London

Based in one of the world’s great political, financial and cultural centres, YPFP London is uniquely placed to bring together people from across a broad range of industries, creating a dynamic group of members with diverse perspectives, experiences and backgrounds.